New adventure trips in highland paradise

Kerlingarfjöll – the highland paradise!

Kerlingarfjöll – the highland paradise!

The team behind the tourist industry in Kerlingarfjöll Mountains are planning to expand substantially in organized hiking and other outdoor recreation in the highlands under the banner of the newly formed company Mountains Ltd.

The goal is to service individuals and groups that want to experience Icelandic nature all year round, whether in the midnight sun in the early winter or in the dancing illumination of the Northern Lights on winter nights.

Kerlingarfjöll is in one of the most interesting parts of the Icelandic highlands. An area called Kjölur between Hofsjökull and Langjökull. Once an essential pass between North and South Iceland dating back to the first settlement of the island. A true highway of its time and a popular outdoor destination for demanding icelandic hikers and mountaineers in recent decades.

Kerlingarfjöll and the Kjölur area provide a more diverse and substantial nature experience than many Icelanders realize, it is therefore ideal for travelers wishing to make the most out of their trip to Iceland.

Most who visit Kerlingarfjöll experience it in the summer but it is no less impressive in the winter, whether travelling over the snow covered landscape on snowshoes, cross country skis, snowmobiles or in a mountain car.

Kerlingarfjöll and Kjölur are secluded far from light pollution that accompanies inhabited areas. The darkness of the night is therefore absolute, real and creates the perfect condition to experience the Northern Lights when conditions allow.

Mountains Ltd. organize

  • Everything from day trips to ten day hikes to fascinating places in Kerlingarfjöll and Kjölur with transportation, tour guides and accommodation in lodges included.
  • Easier and shorter hikes to get acquainted with geothermal heat, geology and the magnificent colors of Kerlingarfjöll Mountains and to enjoy an unparalleled view of its peaks.
  • Trips in specialized mountain cars or snowmobiles in the winter.
  • Hikes on snowshoes or skis and the option to stay in a tent even in winter.

People experience the splendor of nature and its forces in the highlands of Iceland. Organized trips with experienced and seasoned guides can change an amazing experience into a true adventure! That is something Mountains Ltd. is truly going to deliver on.

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