New Hotel – first guests welcomed in 2016

Kerlingarfjöll  Mountain resortConstruction on a new hotel in Kerlingarfjöll will start in the fall of 2015. Currently there are accommodations for just over 100 people in beds or sleeping bags but when the new hotel will be fully operational it will accommodate up to 250 guests in rooms for one or two people and in lodges that are already in the area.

Kerlingarfjöll  Mountain resort

The designers of the hotel are the Icelandic architecture firm Batteríið. Batteríið has designed a multitude of small and large buildings in Iceland and abroad and they have received awards and recognitions for many of them.

Fannborg, the company that owns and manages the tourism industry in Kerlingarfjöll, have received the appropriate authorization to begin construction and estimates that the first phase will be operational in 2016.

Up until now the highland center in Kerlingarfjöll has so far only been open in the summer time but with the addition of the new hotel the goal is to facilitate tourism all year round.

Demand for lodging in Kerlingarfjöll over the summer is greater than the facilities allow. Service for travelers in the fall and winter is limited to non-existent. With the new hotel accommodation for far more guests will be available and tourism service will be provided all year round.

  • The sleeping quarters in the first phase will have 40 rooms including 8 that meet the requirements of handicap accessibility.
  • The rooms will be 17-27m2, including WC and showers.
  • A new Service Building – which is a part of the first phase of construction – will house a guest reception, a dining hall for up to 150 persons, a kitchen, laundry room and a sauna.


Kerlingarfjöll  Mountain resort

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